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 Dan is an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker that will keep your event attendees engaged!
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Updraft People in a Downdraft World

Dan McArthur

An Engaging and Impactful Speaker to Set the Right Tone for your Event.

Some speakers have the ability to create an impact just by entering the room. Dan McArthur is one such speaker. He’ll set a dynamic tone for your event, engaging your attendees with powerful insights and providing them with impactful real-world strategies that transform them into superstar team members.

Dan has more than 30 years of experience as a professional speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. He has consistently received top reviews from his audiences and is sure to educate, enlighten and entertain your group.

Learn to Create The 71% Advantage

Updraft People in a Downdraft World will send your audience out soaring on a shared updraft! Key takeaways:

  • Be the kind of person everyone wants to be around
  • Value growth over perfection
  • Convert resistance into a roadmap
  • Call others into their greatest potential
  • Face the hardest times with resilience & loyalty

Dan McArthur blows preconceptions out of the water with his powerful message!

Looking for a keynote speaker that will excite and motivate your event attendees? One that they’ll still be talking about a week later? Updraft People in a Downdraft World is a keynote that inspires and instructs employees, leaders and teams to:

  • Overcome personal limiting steps and bring their best self to work every day
  • Accelerate the performance of others around them
  • Solve problems and manage conflicts directly while protecting morale

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